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The Heart Attack

That was a very moving

That was a very moving experience. The juxtaposition of two very different lives that converged in the form of the Vietnam War was powerful and really shows both the similarities and differences of people. Also, what was that song? It was quite beautiful.

Thanks for the comment. The

Thanks for the comment. The song is “Bones and Skin” from Fitzgerald’s Light a Match and Burn It Slowly.

Heart Attack

Powerful stuff - nice juxtaposition of the lifelines.

Interesting piece.

I did like the concept of this, and I thought it was well done. Two people from two parts of the world, with similar and at the same time different lives.

I kinda expected that I would have to let one die eventually, but I enjoyed it.

Keep making notgames!

Very Powerful Game. I watched

Very Powerful Game. I watched “We Were Soldiers” recently and got caught up in American Pride and Patriotism. It can be easy to only view my side as the people and the other side as something close to animals. Like Lt Moore says at one point in the movie, “Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord, about our enemies, ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards straight to Hell. Amen.” It’s easy and sometimes necessary to have that attitude about the other side. It’s good, however, to remember that both the Vietnamese and American soldiers are humans and that both had childhoods with dreams and desires and that both got caught up in a war that was nothing like what they imagined it to be. This game did that for me.

I just liked it, Thanks

I just liked it, Thanks for sharing.