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The Sponsors

A list of everyone who helped make this project a reality!

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Platinum Platypus Level - $500 or more (or $50 monthly)

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Gold Camel Level - $100 or more (or $10 monthly)

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   Silver Giraffe Level - $50 or more (or $5 monthly)

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   Bronze Tortoise Level - $10 or more

  • Sarah Anton
  • Alfred Reinold Baudisch
  • Chris de Carteret
  • Nathan Cooper
  • Jennifer Corbus
  • Brent Disbrow
  • Jake Elliott
  • Aaron Gibbs
  • Paul Hachmann
  • Lee Hadfield
  • Alan Harlam
  • Livia Iacolare
  • Patrick Klepek
  • Daniel Lowenthal
  • Craig Meyer
  • Matt Nixon
  • Pam Postrel
  • Marten Susebeek
  • Veronica Tays
  • Bryan Thomas
  • Gregory Weir
  • Adam Yahyaoui

And a humble few who wish to remain anonymous.


A list of people who hosted Marisa and I in their homes while we traveled. We remain incredibly grateful!