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If you'd be interested in writing a story about this project for your website, blog, or magazine, I am happy to oblige you in any ways I can. Feel free to email me at [email protected]; I'm also happy to converse by phone, or Skype. 

Please help yourself to any information on this site, as well as my critical gaming site, Below you will find pictures of me (and my wife, Marisa) that may be helpful for illustrative purposes. 

Press coverage to date:


Blogosphere coverage:

Twitter reactions:

Pictures for press use (click for full size):

Jordan with cherry blossoms in Korea Jordan on camel in Petra Jordan in the Badlands, South Dakota
Jordan and Marisa in Korea Jordan at Petra, in Jordan Jordan in with soldiers in Jordan
Jordan in Istanbul, Turkey Map of phase 1 of my trip Young Jordan with family in Tunisia

More pictures are available in my albums on Flickr, or upon request.