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The Killer screenshot

The Killer is a new notgame inspired by my experiences traveling through and learning about Cambodia. It can be played from start to finish in about four minutes by anyone, as it requires no gaming skills whatsoever.

Click here to play The Killer now in your browser.

Thanks to all my backers who helped me test and refine this notgame!


Spoiler Warning! I felt that

Spoiler Warning!
I felt that the game was a little long. It was pretty interesting, but I probably would have liked the walking part to a little bit shorter. It was still a good game though. The part at the end where it shows all the dead bodies is powerful.

Thanks for the feedback Max!

Thanks for the feedback Max!

I really liked this, and

I really liked this, and would like to see what would’ve happened had I shot the guy, but like Max said, it takes a little too much time. I also kept second guessing myself throughout, thinking maybe should I stop holding the spacebar? But I didn’t want to lose the effect of the music and possible miss whatever narrative would happen or new landscape I would see. This may have been in conflict in the artistic message of the game, because essentially I was being rewarded with scenery by continuing to prod the guy forward. Don’t know how you’d remedy this, though. Thanks!


MBT sko:
Som man siger, livet er bevægelse. MBT rabat
Products De almindelige mennesker i stå og gå er en sport, uanset om det relevante sundhedscertifikat udstyr? Opretstående stilling, vægten, som de to ben. Stå og gå, MBT sko og fod skal kombineres til organisk helhed. Så almindelige mennesker i mbt sandaler
, hvorvidt videnskaben er den eneste, den uvidenskabelige designet til ikke alene ikke befordrende i hverdagen, men også skadeligt Mbt
for helbredet. Typisk er en serie af mund sygdom forårsaget på grund af høje hæle. Samme tid, højhælede sko også direkte påvirke sundheden af rygsøjlen. Derfor blev lægerne mindet om at rygsmerter, cervikal spondylosis, skal du sørge for at gøre opmærksom på valget af mbt billige salg, undgå at bære høje hæle. Det er de store spørgsmål i forbindelse med menneskers sundhed, er derfor, livet er vigtigere end mbt sko

I held space-bar until I

I held space-bar until I accidentally clicked on another window.. and the guy continued to walk, not sure if the pain of holding the space for over 13 minutes was part of the point, if it was, I missed out.

Question did you record these sound effects from within Cambodia? just general travel sounds? or online?

Let every man judge according

Let every man judge according to his own standards, by what he has himself read, not by what others tell him. Great Post!

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