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After a week of exploring Taipei, and another week spent trekking down Taiwan's east coast, Marisa and I are now holed up in Taiwan's 2nd largest city of Kaohsiung, where I'm working with my friend Simon (who's generously hosting us) to make a super cool game about rice farming! I'll be posting an overview of our trip down the east coast shortly, but for now, here's a look at one day in the process (Nov. 11), complete with trekking, hitching, lunch with our ride providers, hot springs, and beautiful views.

We started the day at our beach-side campsite on Highway 11:

From there, we walked a little bit, enjoying the clear skies (it was our first truly sunny day in Taiwan), then hitched a ride further down the coast in the back of a pickup:

We had a snack in the small town of Fongbin, walked a bit more, then hitched another ride inland a little ways, to Taiwan's Guangfu, in Taiwan's East Rift Valley (once again, try to ignore my eczema, which makes my face look gross):

The man who took us to Guangfu was kind enough to invite us in for a home-cooked meal with his family, in their house which also served as a store-front for every kind of hardware supply (and a talking bird):


At Guangfu we caught the train further down the Rift Valley…


… in search of Taiwan's only naturally carbonated hot springs, in the town of Rueisuei. The hot springs weren't quite as easy to find as we expected, but after walking several miles through farmland, and asking numerous people for directions, we finally got there!

Here's a little map of the ground we covered that day (click on it to get an interactive view, with pictures):

2010.11.11 - gps map

 You can also check out more photos on Flickr.

The film clips are fun, add a

The film clips are fun, add a lot. Thanks. What a great adventure.

Next, time, get a shot of Marisa taking a dip in the sea, and sitting in the hot springs. :-)

And Marisa, you are a very fashionable traveler. That hat you’re wearing in the back of the pickup is great.

Wish we could be traveling with you. You are giving me a serious case of travel bug.

"super cool game about rice

super cool game about rice farming!” sounds interesting, canĀ“t wait to see it ;)

Love these updates, really

Love these updates, really makes me want to get on with my own backpacking plans!

Hi, I follow your project


I follow your project from the beginning, i love curious games and trip :) I am in cambodgia today and i finish my holidays at Taipei on 23/24/25.
I would like interview you on your project to a french mag, by mail or maybe in Tapei city if you fly up from here to Vietnam!
If you are interested, mail me!
Have a creative trip !

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