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The Killer

A small notgame inspired by the thousands of senseless killings committed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime. Requires no gaming skills whatsoever. Takes about three minutes to play through, though the length varies, and the experience is never quite the same for any two people.

I failed my "duty"

Excellent game, and brings the conflict into an interesting context. For curiosity’s sake, I wonder what percentages of people performed the implied “duty” at the end of the interactive part. It brings to light how easily a person can perform a horrible act when placed into a certain context, and can force them to reexamine their view. Giving real consequences for their action also contributes to this effect.

Overall I find this a beautiful piece, although some deeper degree of interaction might make laypersons more involved.

Wow. This is amazing.

Your game, “The Killer” was very eye opening, and the idea of games based on traveling the world is extremely innovative. I look foreword to future games.

I feel for the Cambodians as

I feel for the Cambodians as my people have and are still suffering from genocide in Laos but there’s nothing you can do about it. Everything is all about politics. No justice will ever come to any place to where genocide is committed cuz no govn’t has the courage to stick up for what is right only worried about their own reputation and the UN is a joke. This whole world is filled with nothing but ignorant fools, self righteous politicians, and greedy dictators. I sure wouldn’t give a damn if this whole world really did come to an end.


I almost new what I was expecting as I pressed space bar for whats seemed like hours. The anti-climactic finish really put emphasis on the point. I really felt like a murderer.

Also, the bare bones graphics really work. I’m not sure the message would be any stronger with more detailed visuals. Something about using symbols makes it more powerful.

Khemer Rouge Game

Just following orders”

In our country, in our day in age, and in our safety; it’s easy to criticize soldiers and the crimes they commit. Forcing me to play the role of the soldier in the game made me wonder. I did not ever want to see the beach, forcing me to make the ultimate choice. Every time I stopped, a phrase would appear in the game something like: “the field is past the beach”. As if I was told that i MUST make that choice.

Finally seeing the waves made my heart drop. Getting to the field, the victim kneels; I point my cursor up, and fire…that’s when I felt sick to my stomach…I knew this would have been the death of me. I tried firing at the fleeing victim, but the game was over, and I had made my choice. That’s when I thought: What makes that persons life more important than mine?, if he/she has a family, what makes that persons family more important than my own?!

I feel sad to say, if that was real life, and I knew the circumstances of what might happen if I refused orders…I would have executed that person. It’s easy for us to criticize the soldier, but they don’t have much of a choice to make.

"The Killer" Experimental Game

I’ll keep it short. I can clearly see you are trying to evoke an emotional response through this game. It doesn’t work. Having someone hold down a button while watching two poorly animated stick dudes slowly trudge to some unknown destination only to have it end with a history lesson does not make for an interesting or engaging game. It doesn’t matter if the subject is deep or heartfelt or globally important, if your way of getting it across is slow, boring and put to slow alt. rock, no one is going to get the point, there just complain about how dumb it was.

Good try, but you may want to double check your demographics attention span next time.


I will admit, the game was slow moving.

But when I got to the end… I broke.

What you are doing is very noble… You must see and hear terrible things…

from what Ive seen people

from what Ive seen people have ether loved this game or hated it personally i loved it not because it was a game or it was emotional but because it told a story a true atrocity that everyone should know about and help to make sure it never happens again but sadly few know and few care. One day i hope to do what your doing whether that be just reporting on what happened or actually try to make the world a better place. but if you do succeed or if you fail it doesn’t matter all that matters is that you tried more than most people can ever say. Thank you

this game

Your ending statement was a surprise. I was moved inside to tears. I just sat on my plush carpet with my glass table in my cozy little socks and home, and was jolted for a moment to the outside world that still suffer in the wake of power politics and change. Its change like this game that answer my own questions about millions and millions of people that sit in front of computers and televisions mindlessly emptying their brains. Thank you for being the game that says look up and be aware of whats going on in the real world.


Powerful stuff man.. The ending really got to me..

I know it's the internet.

I know you had a point you were trying to make, and this is a tragedy, but I will never play this game again. Ever.

That once the song looped, I just wanted to know, did you really need to make it that long?

I swear the game Passage feels shorter than this. I appreciate the effort and the message, but please, please, please cut down the time a little, that was the most monotonous non game I have ever played.

A really simple yet

A really simple yet profoundly deep game. It reminds me of the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority. I probably suspect that most people would have chosen to shoot the poor character in the game because of the text telling the person what to do.


I applaud you, for many things, for the thought to aknowledge and inform others of this, For the wonderful way you put it together, and for other things as well.

It is sad that this happened, and it is sad that many in todays society don’t even know about it, or it is a barely passed over subject in our schools history books.

Thank you for your time, effort, and thoughts to have put this together and shared it with the world.


Wow. Just wow. I was

Wow. Just wow. I was wondering what would happen when I was just walking towards this beach, and I was leaning so close to the screen, waiting in anticipation to see what happened. And then there was nothing. Something exploded, I jumped back, and two bodies littered the ground. Putting it in the game made it easier to connect to, I think. Never would’ve felt that kind of sensation simply by watching a movie or documentary. It’s a special type of social empathy you’ve generated by making the onlooker the mutual player. I would say excellent, but that doesn’t seem like an appropriate word to use. You did the best.




Simply is amazing…. very touching
War is about that, kill without a regret… without sense…without mercy
and yet there is the`prople that they receive orders …. is orders are “kill this man”, “kill this woman”, “kill this kid”, “kill this people” and they go and they just pull the trigger, they only receive orders, that is its excuse, they cannot questioned themselves, and yet there were people that didn´t pulled the trigger.
And the music was fantastic and very catchy :D

Did you actually read the

Did you actually read the ending? Those that did not pull the trigger were DEAD. It’s a choice, but does that make that person more important than yourself? as a soldier? There are people counting on you for survival, why put them at risk as well?

Couldn't do it

I thought it was an interesting concept game. It involved little gameplay so I wondered what the point of me holding down the spacebar. I wondered if when I finally got to the fields if the killer would automatically fire upon the victim. I eventually stopped in the fields and was given an aim. I couldn’t bring myself to shoot him, even though it was just a stick figure. I shot just above his head letting him run free. It still left me wondering what the point of the game was until I read the educational information at the end.

After all, I’m glad I let him live. I would gladly risk my own life to save another’s.

Great game

Really touching and straight

Really touching and straight forward to the point!!! (i just couldn’t kill the guy, how can be possible to kill so with “cold blood”?)

Quite touchy game, very

Quite touchy game, very unexpected end of gameplay.

Powerful, one of the most-so

Powerful, one of the most-so of your games— to me, anyways.

khmer rouge game

Good game, would be alot better with information about the khmer rouge while walking the many killed, how,how pol pot got to power, why he wasnt stopped before, many nations could of stopped it y didnt they? etc


I didn’t realize immediately that I was the one with the gun. When I did, it destroyed me…

Jordan, I played the notgame.

I played the notgame. I thought I could handle this one because I needed no gaming experience.

I walked my guy for a lot longer than 4 minutes. Eventually it dawned on me that maybe I was supposed to click the space bar again. I was expecting something to happen because the guy on the left had a gun. Even though I was expecting “something,” I was shocked when I was prompted to shoot him. I pointed the gun the other way. I don’t like shooting even mere stick men. The closing scenes with one body, then a few, then increasingly more, is quite powerful.

The notgame was visually interesting. Is there this much difference in the terrain in Cambodia? I’m glad that you included flowers…eventually. For quite a while as the various trees rolled by I kept thinking, there should be flowers…I also liked that some of the trees were tipped over on their side.

I didn’t find a credit for the music. Who is it and what is the name of the piece?
—aunt diana

Thanks for taking the time

Thanks for taking the time Aunti Diana.

Sorry that The Killer was so long for you… I should maybe provide some indication that you can let go of the spacebar to stop walking…

Regarding the terrain, yes, Cambodia features tropical forest throughout much of the country, as well as coniferous forest and temperate mixed forest at the higher elevations. There are also sandy beaches and grassy plains.

The music was actually credited on the title screen, but since the title screen is rather busy, I’m not surprised that you missed it. The song is called “Tornado,” and is written and performed by Jónsi, an Icelandic artist who recently released a solo album, and is also lead singer for Sigur Rós, one of my very favorite contemporary bands.